lilt-flow-futureThis is the future of Grimm! Our buddies at Gold Star Beer Counter will be previewing a trio of limited edition, never-before-released blended golden sour ales aged in oak. These beers are being held in reserve until we open our taproom. Each beer will be served in Grimm glassware that is also available for purchase.

When: March 1, 2018  /  4pm-12am
Where: Gold Star Beer Counter  /  176 Underhill Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238

Future Days:
Golden sour beer fermented with a mixed culture, blended from select oak barrels six to eighteen months in age, and dry hopped with Mosaic hops.

Golden sour beer fermented with a mixed culture, blended from select oak barrels six to eighteen months in age, and refermented with four pounds per gallon of tart Montmorency cherries.

Flow State:
This beer has been in the works since we founded our nomadic brewery. It is a blend of golden sour aged in oak for one year and saison aged in orange bitters barrels for three years. It is fermented with a mixed culture and dry hopped with Galaxy hops.


Brewery Update
We’re working hard to get to opening day at our new 990 Metropolitan space! There are so many hurdles to jump in the realm of construction and red tape. We had some complications with our boiler chimney that added three months onto our opening timeline. We’re now hoping for an opening in March or April. The new brewery is a new beginning for us — we’ll be able to sell IPA by the case and fresher than ever, and we’ll be able to focus like never before on the barrel aged, blended, heritage style wild ales that we’ve fantasized about for more than a decade.


Apricot Pop!
Style: Dessert Berliner Weisse brewed with apricots, vanilla, and milk sugar
ABV: 4.8%
Acidity: Medium

Our often-imitated, never-duplicated dessert berliner gets the apricot treatment. Tart, creamy, and juicy! Open a portal to the brightest stone-fruit timeline.


Icing On The Cake
Style: Imperial Milk Stout with Cacao and Vanilla
ABV: 10% ABV
SRM: 30

Icing on The Cake is a luscious dessert stout that tastes like a liquid slice of flourless chocolate cake. Like the best stouts, it improves as it warms from cellar temperature up to room temperature. Even dessert stouts must be in balance, and for us that means the last sip should taste better than the first.

Secret Track
Style: Grisette (or petite saison, take your pick)
ABV: 4.5%
SRM: 5

Secret Track is a draft only treat that brings old and new world influences together. It is a delicate and funky little crusher produced with a traditional Belgian step mash of wheat and pilsner malt. It is hopped exclusively with Motueka (previously known as B Saaz). We taste traditional farmhouse character of black pepper and juicy fruit, with enticing resinous hop tones of strawberry, lime pith, and sherbet. Not exactly tart, but on the edge of tartness.


Power Pop!
STYLE: Dessert Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.8%
ACIDITY: medium

The pop! series keeps getting better — Power Pop! is brewed with citra lupulin, azacca hops, vanilla, and milk sugar. Like nothing we’ve tasted before; juicy hops, sweet/tart balance on the palate, cream soda finish.


Sumi Cacao
Style: Imperial Stout with Cacao and Vanilla
ABV: 10.2%
Bitterness: medium minus

Even an imperial dessert stout must be balanced! Smooth with rich cocoa and well-hidden alcohol. Let it gradually warm in the glass to really show off this stout’s layered complexity.