blueberrypopBlueberry Pop!
STYLE: Dessert Berliner weisse brewed with blueberries, vanilla, and milk sugar and conditioned on oak
ABV: 4.8%
ACIDITY: medium-high
COLOR: fluffy pink

Blueberry Pop! is the newest in our series of creamsicle-inspired dessert Berliners. This time, we’ve paired the creamy sweetness of vanilla and milk sugar with blueberries. Refreshing and balanced as always.


DDH Tesseract
Style: DIPA brewed with cryo hops and conventional pellet hops
ABV: 8%
Bitterness: Medium
Color: Hazy Gold

We punched up our favorite DIPA with an extra dose of mosaic cryo hops. More lupulin oil and less vegetative matter delivers an even fruitier and smoother hop experience.


Super Shine
Style: Dry-Hopped Gose Conditioned on Oak
ABV: 4.7%
Acidity: Medium
Color: Hazy Yellow

Super Shine is summer. Mosaic and Azacca hops, subtle salinity and oak character, and refreshing lemonade tartness. This is a crusher for sure.


Half Tone
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.4%
Bitterness: Medium

Half Tone is a relatively crisp riff on NE-style IPA with notes of strawberry and passionfruit. Simcoe and Azacca take the starring roles here.


Cloudbusting is our series of soft, delicate imperial IPA’s brewed with New Zealand hops. We rotate different NZ hops into each batch. Cloudbusting #4 turned out beautifully; we taste honeydew melon, clementines, honeysuckle, and that telltale “purple tropical” note that we often get from the New Zealand terroir. The beer has a soft mouthfeel, gorgeous yeast-free haze, some hop floaties, and some of the loveliest lacing and foam you’ve seen on a beer in your life. Cloudbusting #4 is brewed with Wai-iti, Waimea, and Motueka.


Mango Pop!

Style: dessert berliner weisse brewed with mangos, vanilla, and milk sugar
ABV: 4.8%
Acidity: High

Mango Pop! is our favorite to date of the pop! series of tart, fruity, creamsicle-inspired dessert berliner weisses. It pours an opaque yellow with a fruited acidity that is balanced deftly by a delicate ice cream sweetness from the milk sugar and vanilla. The beer never becomes cloying and each sip demands another.


Magnetic Tape
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.4%
Color: Light Gold
Bitterness: Medium

Magnetic Tape is the cousin of the beloved Magnetic Compass. Both are oat single IPA’s pairing Mosaic with an interesting hop from New Zealand. Where Compass uses Rakau hops, Tape uses Motueka. This beer is all about big, fresh, radiant tropical fruit character from these two matchless hop varietals. There are no rough edges, just full and round aromas of melon, mango, and citrus. High drinkability quotient.

somebody’s spider graph of the Idaho 7 profile… not sure we agree

Style: Single-Hop DIPA
ABV: 8%
Color: Deep Golden
Bitterness: Medium

Idaho 7 is a much talked about new hop among brewers recently. We first heard it vociferously endorsed by the guys at Victory when we brewed our pils collab with them last summer. Never having brewed with it, we figured the best way to learn how it behaves with our yeast and processes is to brew a DIPA with 264 pounds of the stuff, and nothing else! We think it’s a very promising varietal, and in our beer we’re tasting a broad spectrum of hop flavors. We’re noticing pronounced orange and peach fruit, some pungent chive/cannabis elements, black tea, and an earthy herbal character reminiscent of the bass tones of Nelson. What do you taste coming from Idaho 7?