ABV: 8%
BITTERNESS: medium plus
COLOR: hazy, opaque yellow

This one right here! Galaxy, Motueka, Wai-iti, and Falconer’s Flight, a bit of oats in the grist… Big lime pith and tropical fruit, creamy body, balanced lingering bitterness. One of our favorite new hoppy offerings.

Present Perfect
STYLE: Passionfruit Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4%
ACIDITY: medium
COLOR: hazy gold

This intensely tropical, tart berliner is one of our favorite releases of the summer. Conditioned on oak, refermented on passionfruit, and then dry hopped with tettnang, el dorado, and hallertau blanc. Packed with mouthwateringly vibrant, JUICY passionfruit character.


Kinetic Cloud
STYLE: Dry Hopped Sour Ale featuring New Zealand hops
ABV: 5%
ACIDITY: medium
COLOR: hazy straw gold

The latest entry in the “kinesis” series features 100% New Zealand hops: Wai-iti, Kohatu, and Wakatu. This juicy, tart crusher has flavors of underripe green fruit, honeysuckle flowers, and hop resin. The oak brings significant tannic presence this time along with woody coconut notes. Mouthwatering!


STYLE: American Sour Ale with Hibiscus and Orange Zest
ABV: 5.7%
COLOR: whoah

Plink is a brett-forward, mixed culture sour ale featuring hibiscus and orange zest. The hibiscus contributes earthy and fruity tartness against a background of citrus. Complexly layered acids produce an assertively sour quencher that is clean, rewarding, and thought-provoking.


Frou Frou
STYLE: IPA brewed with Galaxy hops, oats, and rye
ABV: 7.1%
BITTERNESS: medium plus
COLOR: hazy, opaque gold

Frou Frou is a juicy, draft-only delight featuring the fruitiest hop in the game: Australian Galaxy. Oh you fancy, huh?


Grimm cans crushed once again in Paste Magazine’s annual blind tasting of IPA’s! This is a huge deal to us as the competition was a massive list of legendary beers including some of our personal favorite IPA producers. The best tasting is always a BLIND tasting that clears the air of hype and lets the liquid stand on its own merits. Props to Prison City, Brew Gentleman, Treehouse, Trillium, and The Alchemist (who inspired us to get into the IPA game in the first place).

In other news, Double Negative 2016 comes out this week. We’ve medaled at GABF two years running with Double Negative, and this year’s vintage stands among our best.

lauren adding cultures to barrels in 2014

Style: blended barrel aged sour ale
ABV: 6.5%
SRM: 14 (red/amber)
Acidity: Medium+

Cube Cuvée #1 represents the first in a new series of beers for us. Two years ago, we began stashing beers away in barrels to use in the production of blended sour beers that would include significant aging character. We finally have enough of these old barrels that we can begin to include them in blends. For this first release, we have selected barrels of 16 month old brown sour ale and 4 month old golden sour. Something in the ballpark of a Flemish Red, CC1 is refermented in the keg for a soft carb, and shows beautifully balanced dried fruit notes and a complex, oaky tartness. Draft only, for now.


Catch Wave
STYLE: Single IPA brewed with oats
ABV: 6.4%
COLOR: hazy, opaque gold

Bright, hazy, and delicious. Hoppy notes of candied orange rind, strawberry, and passionfruit.