For the past two years we’ve been making a brewery, and right now we’re almost at the point of beginning. An interesting comment considering that we are also at the end of something. We’ve almost finished collecting all of the necessary parts — licenses, a host brewery, a calendar of recipes for our first year of beers. We’ve ordered our kegs and designed keg labels. Somewhere along the way we decided to bottle a portion of each batch of beer, which has been a fun project. One of our best friends Gretta Johnson, an artist in NYC, is doing illustrations for our bottle labels. They look pretty awesome! Here’s a glimpse at her drawing for our first beer – a rose hip blonde.fromthehip

It’s been a slow ascent to this moment. We’ve spent so much time building something that is yet to exist in any physical form — like making a blueprint for something that will exist in the future. In our case, we are almost there, almost at the moment where we can see what we’ve been planning for so long. We will very soon be brewing our first batch of beer. And so it begins at last! Now the only things left to do are to order the ingredients and wait for everything to arrive at the brewery.