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Roll can to suspend hop particles!


Roll can to suspend hop particles! What’s up with the new message on the side of our cans? When we add big doses of high-oil hops to our beer, the hops and grains in the beer produce polyphenol complexes known as “chill haze.” ÊThe particles that produce chill haze are heavier than the rest of the beer, so they will fall to the bottom of the can over time “Ó eventually producing a clear beer with a silty layer on the bottom. These polyphenols are not only good for your health, they’re also flavor active. We recommend rolling the can gently to re-suspend the chill haze evenly throughout the beer. This is a recommendation based more on flavor than appearance “Ó in the old days, folks didn’t realize that chill haze carries hop flavor, but now we know better. Taste the difference yourself “Ó after a couple of weeks in cold storage, taste a rolled can vs a carefully decanted can.