Style: Hoppy American Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 5.7%
SRM: 3

Neon Lights is a delicately complex hop-forward farmhouse ale. Huell Melon and Hallertau Blanc hops complement the funk from our blend of yeasts with notes of lemon rind, strawberry, and a hint of dank. Crisp with a refreshing snap of bitterness. A step beyond Liquid Crystal in our quest to refine the perfect quenching hoppy saison. Draft only, 30bbls brewed at Flagship in NYC, April 2016. Because we used German malt and hops, we named it after one of our favorite kraut rock jams.


Our NYC distributor, Union, asked us if there was a 1st generation craft brewer that we’d like to collaborate with on a beer for their biennial trade show. Some big names were bandied about, but we knew immediately that what we really wanted to do was brew a pilsner with Victory. Their Braumeister Pils beers are our favorite pilsners, and we’ve long been wowed by their willingness to use a wildly complex traditional process to make these delicate beers. So we cross-pollinated Braumeister with Tesseract! We performed a decoction mash involving five different temperature rests. A big whirlpool pellet hop addition is followed up with two trashcanfulls of whole leaf mosaic in the hopback. We’ll dry hop with more later. Adam and Eric from Victory seemed just as excited as we were to discover what would happen when we used a big dose of modern American hops in this uncompromisingly traditional process — Victory is appropriately revered for their mastery of traditional lagers, so this is a fun way for them to begin experimenting with modern hoppy variants.

IMG_4766we don’t have a pic of the beer yet, so here’s a photo from our brew day

Style: Hoppy American Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 6.2%
SRM: 3
Bitterness: Medium

Liquid Crystal is a delicate, light-bodied farmhouse ale brewed with our friends at Flagship Brewing Co on Staten Island. It is saturated with a blend of west coast hops prominently featuring Azacca. Brewed to marry complexity with maximum slammability: hoppy, funky, crisp, fruity, dry, refreshing. RIYL la vermontoise, apex predator, grizzaca.


Style: Dry-Hopped Sour
ABV: 5.3%
SRM: 4
ACIDITY: Medium-high

Hoppy, hazy, and assertively tart. Vacay finds us in our classic dry hopped sour mode — possibly our favorite kind of beer to brew and drink. We decided to take a vacation from the American hop varietals we use frequently, and instead assemble a blend of exciting, fruit-forward neo-German and New Zealand flavors including Huell Melon, Hallertau Blanc, and Southern Cross. Notes of lemongrass, apricot, mandarin, orange flower, black peppercorn. A juicy, puckering refresher with lightly toasted white oak in the background. This beer has never been boiled.


NYC Beer Week events!  The ones we’re planning to attend in person have stars.

2/19: Grimm vs. Italy (12pm-11:30pm) at Bruno’s Pizza
2/20: Double Negative event at The Double Windsor (all 3 variants of DN, plus Grimm hops and sours – 3pm)*
2/21: Grimm featured at The Jeffrey NYC (Subliminal, Lambo, and Maple Bourbon DN on draft + cans of Lambo)
2/22: Grimm tap takeover at St. Gambrinus*
2/22: NYC brewery stout event with Maple Bourbon Double Negative at Fools Gold
2/24: Brewers Choice*
2/24: Post-Brewers Choice event at Hops Hill (Grimm, Other Half, and Barrier tap takeover)
2/28: ticketed Grimm beer dinner at Birreria (Eataly)*


This week’s drop! Lambo Door (aka Gummi Bear Juice) became one of our most celebrated IPA’s when it took 1st place in the Paste Mag blind tasting, besting some of our perennial faves like Heady and Sip of Sunshine. Now it’s in cans! Maple Bourbon Double Negative adds extra extra dark maple syrup to our reigning GABF champion imperial stout, before aging it in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. Subliminal Message is a new experiment: a sweet-and-sour red/brown base beer conditioned in stainless on oak spirals with Montmorency tart cherries.



We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made an arrangement with our friends at Flagship to brew more beers on Staten Island. We’ll be brewing into a special Grimm fermenter at Flagship throughout the coming year. We love working with these guys and we’re very excited to return to the birthplace of Lambo Door and other faves. We’re thinking of initiating a series of hoppy, free-rise saisons… Stay tuned.


Style: Dry Hopped Spruce Tip Gose
ABV: 4.7%
SRM: 4

Super Spruce owes its immense pine aromatics to a double dose of resin. The new growth of spruce trees layered with Chinook hops create a complex profile of fresh pine that includes floral, citrus, cola, and bubble gum undertones. This unboiled beer is luminous and hazy with a grapefruit-like acidity that perfectly showcases the bright coniferous flavors. Sea salt rounds the mouthfeel, while white oak provides tannic structure.

IMG_4639We foraged for Adirondack conifer tips all day but still didn’t harvest nearly enough. The bulk of the spruce came from Colorado.