villagevoicelogoWe were interviewed by The Village Voice’s Susannah Skiver Barton on the occasion of our one-year anniversary.  We talk about commercial brewing vs. homebrewing, the challenges of gypsy brewing as a spur to creativity, and whether we’ll ever open up a brick-and-mortar space.



Strength: 5% ABV
Bitterness: 3 IBU’S
Color: 4 SRM

Action/Adventure is our lichtenhainer, a near extinct German-style smoked sour ale. As intimidating as that may sound, this wheaty, hazy-golden beer is actually a quenching, lightly tart summertime treat with a bit of smoke in the background — Grimm’s idea of a lawnmower beer! We picture you unwinding with a glass at a backyard cookout on a hot August night. Recommended for fans of Gose, Berliner Weisse, and Grätzer. Action/Adventure is brewed with cherrywood-smoked malt to balance the lactic tartness. We made use of wild lactobacillus that naturally occurs on grain to sour our wort overnight. In the pictures below, you can see the bags of crushed grain on their way into the kettle. BagsGrain

BEES IN THE TRAPPE is a strong, elegant Belgian-style ale brewed with a trappist ale yeast and clover honey. Pale orange in color, it pours with a rocky, snow-white head. Significant carbonation lifts delicate aromas from the glass: tart apricot, raw honey, cinnamon bark, and a hint of alcohol.The flavor follows the aroma, adding crisp malt reminiscent of honey-drizzled toast. Bees In The Trappe is light in body for its strength and finishes long and dry.Here are some pictures from our 2014 brew day! Car_Beeline2 Box_Joe2


We’re excited to announce that we’ve just filled 22 brandy barrels with Bees In The Trappe, our biére de miel! We can’t wait to compare the fresh version of this beer to the barrel aged version in a few months.

We’re barrel-aging a portion of With Love From Grimm and Double Negative in red wine barrels from Upstate NY! This is the beginning of our barrel-aging program that we plan to flesh out in the coming year. With the help of our friends at Red Hook Winery, the barrels are cleaned and swelled. Thank you Ben and Darren! We now have two neutral wine barrels — one filled with our rosebud tripel, the other with our imperial stout. Over the next six to nine months the beer will develop flavors of red wine, earthy wood, sherry from oxidation, and even some funk.


A 9% ABV tripel IPA, BFF (AKA bitchin’ falconer’s flight AKA best friends forever) is the 8th in our series of one-off seasonal beers. Made with five pounds per barrel of Falconer’s Flight and Centennial hops, this beer is Grimm’s first proper hop bomb: first-wort hopped, hop bursted, and double dry hopped for all you lupulus freaks. Of course that wasn’t enough, so we fermented it with the “clean” Orval yeast strain to put it over the top.
BFF_release_Brewing BFF with Drew Perry in Northern VA.BFFBFF_brewday