We are super psyched to re-release two of our all time faves this week.

Batch #3 of Tesseract DIPA (and the first time it has appeared in a can) tasting soft, fresh, and tropical as ever.  Canning date 11/13/15.

Batch #2 of Bourbon Barrel Negative, superior to Batch #1 in balance and mouthfeel, tasting every bit like the bourbon-infused big brother of our two-year consecutive GABF champion imperial stout.

NYC folks: we’ve been asked not to release a list of the stores that will be receiving these beers because the last couple of can releases caused some unwanted drama for several of these retailers.  It will go to all of the usual Grimm locations; if you’re a local, you already know the spots.  As usual, the beermenus app (and website) will be your best resource to find the beer as it hits the shelves over the coming week.


Purple Prose
Style: Blackcurrant/Raspberry American Sour
Strength: 5.4% ABV
Color: Sexxxy

This indecently-hued American sour ale marries the complexity of juicy, ripe berries with a bright, clean acidity. Red ripe fruit is at the fore, while white oak adds a slight woodsy spice. Aged noble hops add a layer of earthy funk to the long, tannic finish.


Batch 3 of Double Negative. This is the beer that first put Grimm on the map, and won consecutive GABF medals for imperial stout: Silver in 2014 and Gold in 2015. The newest batch is tasting RIGHT. When the weather starts getting colder, there’s nothing better. No ancho chilis, vanilla, tequila barrels, coffee, cacao, marshmallows, pumpkins or bananas necessary.

UPDATE: Typo alert.  The label says November but the batch was released in October.


Pulse Wave
Style: Double IPA
Strength: 8.5% ABV
Color: SRM 6

Baller Equinox-based double IPA. Yellow-orange and hazy; lasting snow-white head and lacing. Quintessential Grimm DIPA tropical aromatics. Dry and bracingly hoppy on the palate, with big fruit notes of peach, orange, and pineapple. Soft tingles of chive and green, resinous hoppy flavor. Some surprising spearmint/wintergreen notes make an intriguing appearance. Finishes with a firm, clean, and lasting bitterness. Drink now, no hoarding, etc. Canned 10/5, kegged 10/6, hitting retail as early as 10/8.

Then (2014):

Now (2015):

Looks like we have the reigning imperial stout champion on our hands. Good thing Double Negative batch 3 is in the tank RIGHT NOW!


Style: Double IPA
Strength: 8% ABV
Color: SRM 6

Juicy, juicy, juicy.  Hazy orange, soft carbonation, plush fruity aromas.  Immense mango, marmalade, pine, honeysuckle, and lemon flavors.  Smack dab in between Lambo and Tesseract on the sweet-to-dry spectrum.  Just a hint of bitterness.  On draft, plus 200 cases of hand-labeled cans for all you aluminum fiends.  First Grimm can ever!  No hoarding, drink now please.