Lambo Door
Style: Double IPA brewed with Citra, El Dorado, and Simcoe
Strength: 8% ABV
Color: SRM 5

Another one. We in this bitch. Finna get crunk. Gummi Bear juice on fleek. Citra, El Dorado, Simcoe you already know what it is. Oh you thought it was gonna be bitter? Nah this is IPA as pure hop candy.

Style: Dry Hopped American Sour Ale
Strength: 5% ABV
Color: SRM 6

Hazy golden wild farmhouse ale, dry hopped with Mosaic, El Dorado, and Jarrylo. Beautifully balanced acidity, glowing hop aromas redolent of guava, watermelon candy, pineapple, and ripe mango. Conditioned on oak for light tannin structure. Don’t age this beer; drink ASAP.


Style: Double IPA brewed with 100% Simcoe hops
Strength: 8% ABV
Bitterness: 70 IBU’s
Color: SRM 5

We challenged ourselves to take the Simcoe variety, known for piney dankness, and turn it into a juice bomb. Tropical fruity-pebble notes of passionfruit, overripe strawberry, and honeydew, with earthy resin underneath. Only 5 bbl’s produced; NYC-only, draft only. One of our personal favorite IPA’s to date.


Super Going
Style: Dry Hopped Gose with Orange Zest and White Oak
Strength: 4.8% ABV
pH: 3.4
Color: SRM 5

Hazy and richly aromatic. Aggressively dry hopped with new German aroma hops Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon; orange zest to boot. Lightly toasted white oak provides tannins and mouthfeel. Assertively tart, with light sea salt appearing on the finish. Citrus and hop flavors galore. Absolutely mouthwatering.


Style: Double IPA
Strength: 8% ABV
Bitterness: 80 IBU’s
Color: SRM 6

Hazy golden, juicy VT-style double IPA brewed with 100% New Zealand hops —Nelson Sauvin, Waimea, and Southern Cross. This beer is overflowing with luscious tropical fruit, berry, tangelo, and lemon aromatics. A creamy, lush mouthfeel softens the bitterness and highlights the fruit-forward New Zealand hops. A touch of rye in the grist enhances the overall complexity of the beer.

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Style: Sour Peach Farmhouse Ale Conditioned on Oak
ABV: 5%
SRM: 7

Generous with the flavor of ripe peaches, Rainbow in Curved Air is a sour peach farmhouse ale fermented with a mixed culture of yeast and lactobacillus. Gentle acidity lifts the flavor of peaches, while light toast white oak unifies. It is dry-hopped with Azacca and Jarylo hops to accentuate the stone fruit flavors and add a background of pine, orange, and mango.

bashape barrelsyeast

Style: Wee heavy aged on oak with tart cherries
ABV: 8.3%
IBU’S: 15
SRM: 26

Cherry Oak Shapeshifter pours a deep mahogany with ruby highlights and a luscious cream-colored head. This beer has been aging for six months on tart Montmorency cherries in second use brandy barrels. Aromas of caramel, hazelnuts, and a hint of brandy waft from the glass, to be followed by decadent flavors of tart cherry, vanilla and marzipan.