Style: Bière de miel aged in brandy barrels
Strength: 8% ABV
Bitterness: 18 IBU’S
Color: 7 SRM

BEES WITH A BUZZ is the brandy barrel aged version of Bees in the Trappe, our bière de miel brewed with clover honey and a trappist ale yeast. The delicate honey and yeast flavors of stone fruit and spice that characterized the original version of Bees in the Trappe are now overlaid with notes of vanilla, sherry, distilled white wine, and a distinct nuttiness. The elegant subtleties of brandy and oak create a richness that develops further with each taste. This beer is perfect for cool autumn nights, harvest moons, and falling leaves.



Grimm Ales Batch #11: ORGONE ACCUMULATOR

Strength: 6% ABV
Bitterness: 36 IBU’s
Color: 3.5 SRM

Hazy and pale golden, there is a backdrop of orange character, slightly bitter and tangy, that follows with each sip. We brewed this farmhouse ale with 240 lbs. of organic valencia oranges, which we zested and juiced ourselves by hand! To further accentuate the fruit character of this saison, we fermented it with a blend of our two favorite farmhouse ale yeasts, which add notes of lemon, tart peach, and black pepper. Subtle, easy drinking, and refreshing, enjoy this with friends during these final days of summer.


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villagevoicelogoWe were interviewed by The Village Voice’s Susannah Skiver Barton on the occasion of our one-year anniversary.  We talk about commercial brewing vs. homebrewing, the challenges of gypsy brewing as a spur to creativity, and whether we’ll ever open up a brick-and-mortar space.



Strength: 5% ABV
Bitterness: 3 IBU’S
Color: 4 SRM

Action/Adventure is our lichtenhainer, a near extinct German-style smoked sour ale. As intimidating as that may sound, this wheaty, hazy-golden beer is actually a quenching, lightly tart summertime treat with a bit of smoke in the background — Grimm’s idea of a lawnmower beer! We picture you unwinding with a glass at a backyard cookout on a hot August night. Recommended for fans of Gose, Berliner Weisse, and Grätzer. Action/Adventure is brewed with cherrywood-smoked malt to balance the lactic tartness. We made use of wild lactobacillus that naturally occurs on grain to sour our wort overnight. In the pictures below, you can see the bags of crushed grain on their way into the kettle. BagsGrain