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NY State Brewery of the Year for 3 years! 2021, 2022, & 2024

Grimm Ales

Lady holding glass of beer and walking into a portal inside of a beer bottle that continues into the mountains. There is a cloud of purple smoke arising from the portal.


Saturday 6/1 Release:

WHAT’S THE JUICIEST IPA YOU HAVE? - ipa with Citra, Nectaron, & Riwaka (DeCicco’s collab)
WHOOSH - ipa with Citra, Simcoe, and Motueka

Join us in our main Taproom, Rooftop Terrace + Bar or Lala's Kitchen - all located at:

990 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Named New York State Brewery of the Year for the second year running, Grimm is Brooklyn’s finest producer of medal-winning IPAs, sour and spontaneous ales, lagers, stouts, and hefeweizens.  We delve into historical brewing practices while innovating with cutting edge research, making our own contributions to brewing’s deep living tradition in the form of elegant, creative, and tasteful beers.


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