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Grimm Artisanal Ales

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990 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211


We are currently only open for to-go sales. Everyday, 12pm-8pm.

Or, if you're in our delivery radius, find us on GrubHub & Caviar!


Grimm Artisanal Ales is a Brooklyn-based brewery founded in 2013 by Joe and Lauren Grimm after nearly a decade of tinkering with fermentation. Grimm specializes in concise, elegant ales epitomizing the creative, experimental spirit of the American artisanal beer revolution. With each limited edition release, we seek to push the boundaries of style and flavor in order to create beers with the utmost depth and complexity.

For five years, Grimm operated as a nomadic brewery. Joe and Lauren would develop each recipe in the kitchen of their Gowanus apartment and travel to existing breweries near and far to craft their commercial beers.

In June 2018, they opened their permanent location in the East Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.


Joe and Lauren have been experimenting with the near-magical transformative qualities of yeast since 2005 when they met as students and artists in Providence, Rhode Island. Initial experiments in their apartment kitchen with mead, hard cider, kombucha, kvass, and ginger beer soon gave way to a fascination with Belgian-style ales.

While performing music in Belgium, Lauren and Joe became transfixed by the complexity of Belgian ales. Soon after arriving back in the states, the two began tasting beers methodically in order to teach themselves about the subtle and distinctive qualities of malt, hops, and yeast that created the aromas and flavors of their favorite beers. Alongside their art and music practices, they eagerly researched techniques for beer-making and started brewing five-gallon batches in their apartment to drink and give to their friends.

As more and more people began to share their excitement for the homebrews that they had been making, the two began brewing beer on the sly for gallery events and music performances in Chicago, where they were in school studying sculpture and sound art at the time. Alongside these pop-up bars, the Grimms operated a homebrew CSA to distribute beer to their friends. They had so much success that they began thinking about bringing their beer to a larger community. Once back at home on the East Coast, Joe and Lauren founded Grimm Artisanal Ales as a nomadic brewery in 2013.


We take reservations on a limited basis. If your party is between 8-20 people, then please pay attention to the following reservation guidelines:
  • M-Th: We can definitely secure space for parties arriving between 5-7pm. If you’re hoping to make a reservation later than 7, please send an email and we can let you know if we can accommodate the request.
  • Fr & Su: We accept reservations if the party arrives within the first hour of the taproom opening.
  • Sa: We are unable to accept Saturday reservations at this time. With can/bottle releases and general weekend busyness, the day can get far too crowded to accommodate requests. We are typically busiest between 2-7pm. If you’re hoping to visit with a large party, we suggest arriving when we open at noon.

Our private party capabilities are limited at this time. If your party is over 20 people or you’re looking for a more private experience, then we occasionally rent space in our barrel library. The barrel library is only available Su-Th. It can accommodate up to 40 people. The rental fee for the space is $200. We do not offer any party packages at this time. For more information, please email [email protected]

Brooklyn favorites, Samesa, run a contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine kiosk in our taproom. They offer shareable snacks, shawarmas, and rotating specials. Vegan & GF options available!

Outside celebratory treats and other small snacks are welcome, but, in general, we don’t allow outside food. If you’re bringing a cake, please provide your own plates and utensils (including a cake knife)!

Union Beer Distributors – NYC and Long Island (
Remarkable Liquids – NY State outside of NYC and Long Island; NJ (
Homegrown Distribution – across Massachusetts (
Proof Wine & Spirits – across North Carolina (
31st & Wharton – Philadelphia and southeastern PA (
Lime Ventures – across California (

We are available in other states from time to time via Shelton Brothers and their network of small local distributors (

For legal reasons, we cannot ship beer through the mail.

Grimm beer is regularly available in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania (southeastern PA). Our beer is occasionally available in Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Maryland, Georgia, Maine, Illinois (Chicago specifically), Rhode Island, and Vermont.

If you’re in the northeast, we recommend using BeerMenus ( to locate our beer.


We do not have a parking lot. There is minimal street parking around our brewery on Catherine St, Morgan Ave, and Metropolitan Ave. Please keep in mind that the area directly in front of the brewery is a loading zone (7am-7pm). Tickets and towing are enforced.

We do not offer official tours. However, visitors will quickly notice that our taproom looks onto our production area. The brew house, fermentors, and barrel library are clearly visible from our taproom. Visitors will certainly have no problem seeing from where the beer originates! During our normal business hours, we are happy to answer any of your questions, of course.

If you have a special bottle of non-Grimm beer that you’d like to open and share with a friend, please ask an on-duty bartender for permission. If they give the thumbs-up, please don’t abuse the privilege! Offering a taste of beer to the bartender can be a nice way to say thanks. Remember that bartenders make a living from the tips on the beer they sell you, so take care of your bartender.


  • It must be CLEAN.
  • Dark glass growlers only.
  • If you are bringing screw-top style growlers, bring your own cap.

Any to-go beers are also available by the glass in the brewery. If you’d like to enjoy a beer on-site, please order by the glass because to-go prices and on-premises prices are different.

Each beer style varies, but we recommend that unopened and refrigerated, you drink it within a week or two.

We prime all of our growlers with CO2 to purge them of oxygen. When a growler is opened and beer is poured, air replaces the beer inside the growler and the remaining beer in the growler oxidizes quickly. Once opened, the beer will last about 2 to 3 days at most. Our draft beers are best served fresh, so enjoying them as soon as possible is always your best bet!

Your growler should always be kept cold to ensure highest quality, and if you are traveling, bring a cooler and some ice for best results.

Yes, we sell retail kegs from our taproom. Please email [email protected] for availability! If you have a specific style request, we recommend emailing several weeks in advance to confirm that a given style will be available for you to purchase.

Children are welcome provided that they are supervised by a responsible adult and are well behaved.

Yes! We allow well-behaved dogs on leashes or in bags in our taproom.

Rest assured, you can always find water, soda, and kombucha in our taproom.

We do not make any gluten-free beer. However, we offer natural wine and cider in our taproom, so your gluten-free friend has something to enjoy!

We offer New York-produced cider, mead, natural wines, and digestifs!

We accept all major credit cards.

If our beer includes ingredients that aren’t considered to be vegan, your will see the ingredients listed on the can or bottle. Non-vegan ingredients include: honey, milk sugar.

Beer is considered “kosher by default” unless there are unusual flavorings added. Any unusual flavorings in our beer will always be clearly labeled, so if there is something that is a cause for concern, you’ll know.

Grimm is our last name! Joe and Lauren Grimm founded Grimm Artisanal Ales in 2013. Simply put, Grimm is a rad name. That being said, we think that by making our last name into our brewery name, we have to stand behind everything that we put into the world. All of our beers must be up to our standards of quality.

Please contact your your distributor. Tap handles may not always be available, but they will do their best.

Unfortunately we don’t have the bandwidth to fulfill these requests at this time.