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4th Anniversary QIPA

QDHQIPA w/ Mosaic, Nelson, Cashmere & Strata

We loaded up this 12 percenter with all our favorite and most expressive hops at every step of the brewing process: Mosaic in the boil→Mosaic, Nelson, and Strata in the whirlpool→four huge dry hop additions of Mosaic cryo, Cashmere, Strata, and Nelson Sauvin. 4th Anniversary pours a richly saturated orange hue and offers deep and intoxicating aromas of fruit and hop spice. On the palate, Nelson leads the way with heavy purple fruit, Cashmere delivers jellybean candy, and Strata and Mosaic offer a full spectrum of berries and cannabis. The sheer alcohol level pulls mysterious and delicious flavors from these hops we’ve never quite experienced before.

Flavor Profile