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Access To Tools

At GRIMM we labor in perpetual search of hop alchemy. A NEW INSTRUMENT OF THIOL DELIVERY has emerged from Garage Project — enter PHANTASM. Derived from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes, Phantasm provides UNREAL NATURAL FLAVORS. ACCESS to this TOOL gives us the power to conduct our own education, find inspiration, and share our adventure with whoever is interested. TOOLS that aid our process are sought and promoted by GRIMM ARTISANAL ALES.
An item enters the WHIRLPOOL if it is deemed:
1) Useful as a tool,
2) Relevant to independent experimentation,
3) High quality,
4) Not always common knowledge,
5) Easily available by mail.
This information is continually revised according to the experience and suggestions of GRIMM staff and external innovators.
Warning — consumption of this Double India Pale Ale may create an overwhelming organoleptic experience rife with TROPICAL FRUIT and CITRUS notes. FULL BODIED and NECTAR-SWEET with no lingering bitterness.

Flavor Profile