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Ambient Fizz: Koyo Berry

Spritzy Spontaneous Ale conditioned on Oishii Koyo Berries

Ambient Fizz is our series of crushable, canned wild beers layered with complex flavors of local fruits. Just like our Open Work series of beers, Ambient Fizz makes use of complex, tart, barrel-aged wild stock ranging from 1.5 to 2 years old, derived from a true Lambic-inspired spontaneous process: a turbid mash, inoculation from open air, and a log fermentation exclusively in oak barrels. For Ambient Fizz, though, we’ve taken the ABV down to a thirst-quenching 4% ABV.

For Ambient Fizz: Koyo Berry, we’ve teamed up with Oishii to create a crisp, highly drinkable spontaneous sour with powerful Koyo Berry aromatics that leap from the glass with each sip.

Our collaboration began with 300 lbs of Koyo Berries. We macerated the berries for two weeks before blending in a selection of our barrel-aged spontaneous sour beer. This process creates a crisp, spritzy Koyo Berry bomb with a lightly tart and gently tannic finish. The result is a refreshing canned treat!

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