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Cold 1

Cold IPA w/ Rice, Simcoe & Motueka


“Cold 1,” our collab with North Carolina’s Resident Culture, is our take on a new style. For Cold 1, we fermented with lager yeast at more like a steam beer temperature (62 degrees) and used 30% rice for an ultra dry and crisp palate presentation.

Pouring exceptionally pale and clear, this quencher is clean, cold, and dry. The rice makes a noticeable difference to the base beer flavor — dry and light. Yeast expression here is minimal and neutral, leaving you with a pure and direct impression of Simcoe and Motueka hops full of lime zest and pine. Not as bitter as a west coast IPA, and with even less ester expression, Cold 1 is all about the hops!

Flavor Profile
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