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Gathering Quetsch Plums

Blended barrel-aged sour w/ quetsch plums

The Gathering beers represent fresh, whole fruit picked at the peak of ripeness. For this addition to the series we sourced quetsch plums from Trapani Farms in Milton, NY. The fruit underwent carbonic maceration and spontaneous fermentation before being blended with some of our finest barrels of aged sour beer. Quetsch plums–typically used for drying, baking, and brandy–tend to have a dense and delicately tart flesh in comparison to the juicier and sweeter varieties of most snacking plums. The subtle flavor profile of the fruit is a beautiful backbone to a complex display of our barrel program and house mixed culture. The plum skins provide a rich purple hue and dry and tannic mouthfeel that layers perfectly with a savory quality of leathery/barnyard brett-driven funk.

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