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NY State Brewery of the Year for 3 years! 2021, 2022, & 2024


Spontaneous Fermentation Ale

Glinkamix, our lambic-inspired spontaneous ale conditioned on wild-fermented dried black limes, is a collaboration with the artist Graham Lambkin celebrating the rerelease of Graham’s first four albums in a deluxe LP boxed set entitled Solos. Since this release documents a period of work in which Graham worked with lo-fi recordings of the domestic ambient sound in and around his home, we find resonances in a spontaneous beer fermented by the accidents and drifts of the ambient airborne yeast and bacteria in our brewery. Blended from 4 oak casks of various ages, Glinkamix is tart and indescribably complex. The Glinkamix label features Graham’s distinctive handwriting.  Joe and Lauren Grimm used to listen to “Salmon Run” when they were learning to homebrew!

Other Ingredients