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Double decoction mashed can conditioned wheat ale

An uncompromisingly traditional and authentic Bavarian style wheat beer — GRIMM WEISSE! This can-conditioned, double decoction mashed beauty is the culmination of careful study and research — a refreshing new direction in our brewing practice. Grimm Weisse pours with a translucent yellow haze and is topped with a pillowy, meringue-like head that lingers above the rim of the glass. The nose is enticing, with complex aromas of spice, banana, and lemon. The flavor follows the nose with a subtle and rich wheat tartness that enhances the beer’s supreme drinkability.

Live yeast lees are present in the can — you can choose to decant the beer off of the yeast, or roll/swirl the yeast back into suspension. At Grimm our preference is to decant, leaving the final half-inch of beer in the bottom of the can with the lees.