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NY State Brewery of the Year for 3 years! 2021, 2022, & 2024

Kiki Bouba

IPA with Citra and Cashmere

KIKI BOUBA! The bouba/kiki effect is a remarkable finding about the relationship between sounds and shapes. When asked which of the nonsense words describes a rounded shape and which describes a spiky shape, people almost universally agree that Bouba is rounded and Kiki is spiky. In IPA terms, west coast IPA is Kiki and NEIPA is Bouba. For Kiki Bouba, we’re marrying the best elements of both vibes: while this beer is not too thick/flabby — it has pleasing crispness and structure — it also showcases the beautiful mango/passionfruit tropical character that emerges from a biotransformation of mid-fermentation addition of Citra. More Citra and Cashmere are added in the double dry hop for enticing aromas. With just a whisper of haze, this is an elegant synthesis of IPA styles.

Flavor Profile