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Belgian style ale with jasmine flowers and orange flower water

In celebration of mothers everywhere, we are releasing Matersbier (“Mother’s Beer”) for Mothers Day! This time we’ve dosed our sessionable Trappist style ale with a bouquet of jasmine flowers and orange flower water to say thank you to the ladies who brought us into the world.

As Patersbier is the fathers, Matersbier is to mothers. In reverence to the traditional table beers made by the Belgian monks of yore, we brewed Matersbier with Styrian Goldings hops and fermented it with the same yeast used at the abbeys of Westvleteren and Westmalle. The result is an crisp, quaffable beer laced with spicy esters of cloves and cinnamon and finished with the citrusy, floral aromas of jasmine and orange blossoms.