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More Candlepower

Spiced Farmhouse Ale

Five years ago Lauren and I travelled to the Belgian countryside for one of our favorite collaborations ever, brewing beer with the enigmatic Dany Prignon of Brasserie Fantôme. Dany presented us with an ordinary cooking bowl. “This is my spice bowl,” he said. “We should make a mix of spices that will fit in this bowl and then we’ll know it is the right amount.” We never really knew how strong the beer was that we brewed together, because Dany’s hydrometer was broken that day. This didn’t phase him.

More Candlepower is a small tribute to Dany’s way of brewing. It is a strong wintertime ale with toasty malt and an intriguing melange of spice aromas and flavors. Don’t ask us what spices we put into this winter saison because, in the grand Fantôme tradition, we’re not telling. -Joe Grimm

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