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Nothing But Nectaron

IPA w/ Nectaron

The hottest new hop to arrive from hop breeders over the past couple of years is Nectaron, grown in New Zealand.  It isn’t yet planted in high volume, so it is still quite rare and expensive. We’re still getting to know what this hop can do, so brewing a single-hop beer with it is a great way for us to understand more deeply what this amazing new varietal brings to the table.  NOTHING BUT NECTARON  delivers on the hype.  We get a huge, enticing hop aroma with unique notes of ginger and sweet peach.  Interacting with our own special “Grimm 60” house yeast, it this novel varietal created a beautifully milky and opaque haze.  On the palate it is incredibly juicy, dripping with pineapple, peach and tangerine with complex spice.

Flavor Profile