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Soft Rays

Spelt saison w/ Saffron, St. John's Wort, & Tulsi

Introducing SOFT RAYS, brewed in collaboration with our friends Adam and Yiyi from @yesfolk. Soft Rays is the second beer in our collaborative series with Yesfolk, inspired by their holistic approach to fermentation. We’ve been long admirers of Yesfolk’s single origin tea and plant therapy kombucha, which we serve in our taproom.

Modeled after Yesfolk’s kombucha sharing the same name, Soft Rays is a botanical spelt saison steeped on saffron, st. johns wort and tulsi. This complex yet easy drinking beer has an extremely floral nose showcasing a strong saffron presence. Pleasant earthy undertones are balanced harmoniously with a soft sweetness reminiscent of candied orange peel. The soothing interplay of sweet and herbaceous yields a perfect summertime beverage in which each sip invites another.

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