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Releasing Saturday, 9/24: Popol Vuh, Open Work Kriek, Dream Encounter, Magnetic Compass

The Open Work Rielsing

Spontaneous fermentation ale aged in oak barrels with riesling grapes

⁣⁣⁣Brewed with a traditional turbid mash of 70% pilsner malt and 30% raw wheat and boiled for 4 hours with aged hops, inoculated solely with our brewery air, and blended from casks of different ages and characteristics, The Open Work is our highest expression of respect for the near-forgotten brewing tradition that lets nature unfold without intervention, revealing its complexity and beauty.⁣
⁣The Open Work Riesling is conditioned on riesling grapes from the Finger Lakes, harvested in September and macerated in whole clusters with skin and stem contact. It is quenching, refreshing, and zippy – delicate floral aromas give way to notes of lemon zest and honey, with a dry, tannic finish.

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