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Wimmelbilder 2

Spontaneous ale w/ raspberry, kumquat, apricot & orange blossom water

Wimmelbilder 2 is a maximalist and playful spontaneously-fermented ale. A Wimmelbilder is a “busy picture” of the type pioneered by Flemish painters like Breugel and Bosch—an all-over-the-place composition, with something new and interesting hiding in every nook and cranny. Blended from our lambic-inspired fully spontaneous barrels, this delicate and juicy elixir was refermented on raspberries, apricots, kumquats, and orange blossom water. The beer pours an improbable Kool-Aid red. Orange blossom water shows up on the aroma with an enticing floral perfume reminiscent of a Ramos fizz. Each fruit takes its turn on the palate, with tart berries, juicy stone fruit, and zesty citrus alternately leaping out from a background of understated lambic funk. In spite of all the fruit additions, the overall spirit of the beer remains light and flirtatious. An unapologetically contemporary spontaneous ale! 6% ABV

Flavor Profile