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Imperial stout aged 2 years in a single Buffalo Trace barrel

For Yearbook, our 4th Anniversary stout, we set ourselves a challenge: to scour our stout barrel library in search of the single most perfect barrel, and give it a stark, unadorned presentation, no adjuncts or decorations allowed. One very special barrel leapt out from the field—a Buffalo Trace barrel filled in June of 2020, exactly two years ago. Spending two summers and two winters in oak meant that the liquid moved into and out of the wood repeatedly in response to the fluctuations in temperature, resulting in a fudgy black sipper saturated with bourbon, char, and vanilla-inflected oak. Bottled with barely-there carbonation, this beer pours thick yet balanced and drinkable, with a ring of tan foam. Yearbook presents sensuous and complex oxidative notes from long aging, and tastes chocolatey, boozy, and above all ancient—the stout to cap off our 4th year together.

Aging Method