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Zero Coast

West coast-style double IPA

Our deliciously bitter and hoppy west coast DIPA is guaranteed to remove any and all hostile body thetans! The outrageously high lupulin dose broke our e-meter; we don’t even know how many IBU’s this thing has. When your palate achieves operating thetan level two you will notice that this “sonoma-style double IPA” is inspired by Pliny The Elder. 7lbs/bbl of Centennial, Simcoe, Columbus, and Amarillo deliver old-school bitter hoppy notes of citrus, pine, and froot loops. Hoppy intensity explodes from the glass, and the result is ultra clean and drinkable. How do we make this unfiltered beer so clear with the same house yeast strain we use in our hazy IPA? Maybe you’ll find out when you level up…

Flavor Profile