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Bublik, Maximum Joy, Equal Temperament, & Just Intonation Release!

8.3.19 - 8.4.19

We’re releasing FOUR new beers this Saturday, 8/3, starting at noon!

Bublik | Kvass-style Session Ale with Rye Bagels & Raisins | 2.2% | $6/500ml

Bublik! This 2.2% kvass-style ale is the product of a playful collaboration with our Moscow friends at Zagovor Brewery. Using Shelsky’s from Brooklyn legendary pumpernickel bagels and plump Thompson raisins, we brewed this low ABV, tart probiotic beverage that is best described at “liquid bread.” Perfect for the height of summer, Bublik packs a flavorful punch in the most refreshing, sessionable way possible. Rich, spicy notes of fresh-baked rye bread on the nose lead to a savory sweet swirl of molasses and dark dried fruits. The finish is all tang that crackles pleasantly on the tongue. Available at the taproom only!

Maximum Joy | Double IPA | 8% | $20/4-pack

Maximum Joy, our latest dual-hopped DIPA, is all the feelings of a bright, sunshiny day. Motueka and Mosaic deliver big and bursting tropical flavors of overripe mango and papaya with an added kick of lime zest and subtle blueberry notes. A hint of coconut brings a fruity/creamy quality reminiscent of a mango or citrus Hi-Chew.  Low bitterness and a touch of malt sweetness make this an easy-drinker.

Equal Temperament | Golden Sour Ale Aged in Oak with Black Raspberries | 6% | $15/500ml

Equal Temperament, a small-batch blended barrel-aged sour with black raspberries, takes a richer form. Blood red with an alluring viscosity, Equal Temperament drinks like a fruit-forward, full-bodied, ultra jammy red wine. Both aroma and flavor lead with the tartness of a raspberry that has been softened with the juicy sweetness of a blueberry. And although everything about the beer is bursting with ripe berry notes, the finish is refreshingly dry and tannic. Truly intoxicating!

Just Intonation | Golden Sour Ale Aged in Oak with Red Raspberries | 6% | $15/500ml

Just Intonation, a blended barrel-aged golden sour refermented on red raspberries, is bright and tangy like a raspberry lemon square that delivers the rich aroma of caramelized fruit with an added acidity that tickles the nose. It hits the taste buds like a raw cranberry juice with lime–a complex tartness that fades to a subtle oaky funk finish.