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Catch Wave cans and Niceties bottles

Sour + DDH IPA release this Saturday, 1/5, at noon!

Catch Wave IPA and Niceties, our newest barrel-aged sour.

Niceties is our newest barrel-aged golden sour beer that we refermented with four pounds per gallon of ripe pineapples. As the name suggests, this beer is all in the details. We meticulously tasted, selected, and blended sour beer aging in oak barrels to create the exact balanced profile for this release. Niceties represents the maturation of our Brooklyn barrel library. We’re proud of the results and excited to share our newest barrel-aged sour with you!

Catch Wave is deliciously hoppy! Double dry-hopped with El Dorado, Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, and Citra, the flavors are crisp and refreshing with prominent notes of melon, peach, lychee, and marshmallow fluff. So much juicy fruit character!