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Cherry Raspberry Pop! & Boysen Rebus Release!

2.22.20 - 2.23.20

We’re releasing two delicious sours this Saturday, 2/22, at noon!

Cherry Raspberry Pop! | Pop Sour Ale with Tart Cherries, Raspberries, Vanilla, & Milk Sugar | 5% | $20/4-pack

Cherry Raspberry Pop! This kettle sour with tart cherries, raspberries, vanilla, and milk sugar is the first Pop! beer we ever made and we’re grinning at its return. Cherry cheesecake aroma makes way for surprisingly tart and juicy ripe raspberry flavors with subtle backing notes of vanilla and cream.

Boysen Rebus | Foeder-fermented Mixed Culture Sour Ale with Boysenberries | 6% | $12/500ml

More info to come!

cherry raspberry pop