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Comic Sans (Nelson), Matchbox Lambo & Magnetic Tape Release!

9.7.19 - 9.8.19

We’re releasing THREE beers this Saturday, 9/7, starting at noon!

Comic Sans (Nelson) | Double IPA with Toasted Coconut, Marshmallow Fluff, Milk Sugar, & Nelson Hops | 8% | $22/4-pack

Comic Sans with a Nelson twist! We brewed this special DIPA for our anniversary this year and it was so fun we thought we’d do it again! This beer is brewed with marshmallow fluff, toasted coconut flakes, & milk sugar and, for this batch, dry hopped with the fruity/ever-complex Nelson Sauvin. Powerful coconut/marshmallow candy aromas have us reminiscing about macaroons, samoa cookies, piña colada, and coconut meringue. The body of this beer is sweet yet delicate and lends to shocking drinkability!

This is a taproom only beer with a limited amount in both package and draft. Limit 3 4-packs pp and 4oz pours for draft only!

Matchbox Lambo | Session IPA | 4.5% | $17/4-pack

Matchbox Lambo!?! We’ve taken one of our most beloved beers, Lambo Door, and reconfigured the DIPA as a bite-sized, super crushable session IPA. Matchbox Lambo is all mango and peach on the nose — like opening a bag of Haribo gummy rings. Notes of Valencia orange pop in the flavor. The body is light and dry with a mild and refreshing bite of bitterness.

Magnetic Tape | IPA | 6.4% | $18/4-pack

We’re bringing back Magnetic Tape! This single IPA brewed with oats and Mosaic & Motueka hops is the cousin to one of our house favorites, Magnetic Compass. Magnetic Tape is all about big, fresh, and radiant tropical fruit character — papaya and watermelon rind dominate the nose and the flavor oozes with peach, melon and citrus zest. The finish is on the drier side — high drinkability quotient!