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Crystal Vibration, Geodesic Dome & Topos Release!

7.20.19 - 7.21.19

We’re releasing three delicious beers this Saturday, 7/20, starting at noon!

Crystal Vibration | IPA | 7% | $18/4-pack

Idaho 7 is the spotlight hop in Crystal Vibration, a house favorite IPA here at Grimm. At 7%, it packs immense strawberry and peach aroma with pink grapefruit, gummy peach rings, and tangerines on the palate. Oats lend a smooth fluffiness to the body and create the base for the gargantuan hop load!

Geodesic Dome | Dry-hopped Sour Ale | 5.5% | $12/500ml

Geodesic Dome is an uncompromising modern sour ale!  A dry hopped mixed-fermentation sour ale brewed with Passionfruit 🍈🍈🍈, Apricots🍑🍑🍑, and a blend of juicy and dank modern hops, this is quintessential Grimm.  Sour, candied tropical fruit is the focus here; but this isn’t a simple case where the beer tastes like the ingredients.  Instead, our house brett and lactobacillus cultures transform and elevate the elements into a remarkable elixir with varied and complex esters.  We can’t wait to see how it transforms over time.  Bonkers!

Topos | Traditional German Pilsner | 5% | $17/4-pack

Topos is an unfiltered traditional pilsner with flavors of fresh hay, powerful spicy German noble hops, and delicate floral honey. As with all of our pilsners, we utilized a traditional rising-temperature step mash with 100% German pilsner malt.  Crisp, refreshing, and refined – we just can’t get enough!