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Gathering, Spiritual Consultant, & Patter Release!

9.28.19 - 9.29.19

We’re releasing three beers this Saturday, 9/28, at noon!

Gathering Peaches & Red Currants | Barrel-aged Golden Sour with Peaches & Red Currants | 6% | $15/500ml bottle

We continue to celebrate the abundance of harvest with the next in our Gathering series–Gathering Red Currants & Peaches. The Gathering beers represent fresh, whole fruit picked at the peak of ripeness. For this rendition, we sourced red currants from Ray Tousey Honey and peaches from Wright Farm–both farms nestled in the Hudson Valley. The fruit underwent carbonic maceration and spontaneous fermentation for a week before being blended with barrel aged sour beer. The result is a delicate, fruited sour with the process of spontaneous fermentation lending wild, funky yeast characteristics and a complex, lingering acidity reminiscent of a young lambic.

Spiritual Consultant | IPA | 7.5% | $18/4-pack

Spiritual Consultant returns! This 7.5% IPA, dry-hopped with massive amounts of Mosaic lupulin and NZ Rakau hops, is bursting with sweet & sticky big fruit flavors. Characteristic tropical and ripe stone fruit notes are layered with cotton candy and caramel apple aromas found in the air at a county fair concession stand. This sweetness never turns cloying or hot, but stays tempered with a slight undercurrent of orchard dankness and an oat-filled grist that softens the body and smooths out the flavors. We’re super into this one!

Patter | Saison de Coupage with Blackberries & Grapefruit Zest | 6% | $12/500ml bottle

Patter! This saison de coupage — 70% young saison blended with 30% barrel-aged golden sour — with blackberries and grapefruit zest is a bright and refreshing treat. The Belgian yeast esters are a subtle through line from aroma to flavor — a supporting character to the fruit. Tart and juicy blackberry aromas tickle the nose while the grapefruit comes through more in the flavor with a burst of fresh citrus up front that fades into a zesty bittersweet finish.