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Gathering with Jester King & Waffling Release!

11.16.19 - 11.17.19

We’re releasing two new, very exciting collaboration beers this Saturday, 11/16, starting at noon!

Gathering with Jester King | Blended Barrel-aged Golden Sour with Pinot Noir Grapes | 6% | $15/500ml

For our newest addition to the Gathering series, we were honored to collaborate with our friends at Jester King Brewery to create a special blend from our barrel library. Gathering represents fresh, whole, local fruit picked at the peak of ripeness. For Gathering with Jester King, we used pinot noir grapes harvested at Perfetto Vineyards in Sanborn, New York by our friends and natural wine producers, Liten Buffel. These grapes underwent a carbonic maceration and auto-fermentation before blending and secondary fermentation in some of our finest barrels of aged sour beer. The resulting beer is simply beautiful! The nose is comparable to a light pinot–a berry brightness that awakens the senses, and accompanying notes of leather and damp forest–the more savory expression of these grapes–that layer perfectly with the smell of oak and brett-funk. The acidity in the flavor is incredibly complex with distinctive lactic, acetic, and malic acid characteristics. The flavor is rich with the impression of the grapes, but the complex tannins from the wine and oak combined with our house mixed culture and the addition of aged hops make this beer a dry and intricate showing of fruit, acid, funk, and spice.

Waffling | Imperial Stout with Roasted Nuts, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, & Salt | 14% | $14/500ml

We’ve long been big fans of the stouts coming out of @kanebrewing, so it’s been a real pleasure to collaborate with them on Waffling–an imperial stout with maple syrup, toasted walnuts, vanilla and sea salt. Waffling is a roasted, toasted, nutty delight of a stout. Big, warming aromas of freshly baked walnuts dominate the nose with a scrumptious drizzle of maple sweetness. A loaded malt bill of roasted, caramel, and chocolate malts deliver a super plush mouthfeel and perfect toastiness–never cloying or astringent–that perfectly complements the rich flavor of the walnuts. An extra special thanks to Samesa Restaurant for roasting 300lbs of walnuts for us!