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Gravity of Surprise, Dreamweapon, & Cherry Rebus Release!

1.11.20 - 1.12.20

We’re releasing the first three delicious beers of 2020 this Saturday, 1/11, starting at noon!

Gravity of Suprise | Double IPA | 9% | $20/4-pack

Gravity of Surprise, our newest DIPA with Mosaic, Citra, and Rakau, is a hop candy delight of a beer. Notes of spun sugar, pink starburst, cotton candy, and apricot nectar. A burst of juicy sweetness up fronts settles into a surprisingly dry and refreshing finish with no bite of bitterness. Flaked oats and a touch of Vienna in the grist form a layered malt bill that gives both body and balance to the candy notes from the hops.

Dreamweapon | IPA | 7% | $18/4-pack

The return of Dreamweapon is a welcomed release for these hot, humid days. This 6.4% IPA brewed with Columbus, El Dorado & Azacca offers complex layers of intensely dank northwest woods in a crisp and refreshing format. El Dorado invites us in with a hint of candy orange on the nose, but Columbus delivers the whole forest–resinous pine, warm cedar, anise hyssop and crabapple. Very dry finish with a satisfying bite of bitterness.

Cherry Rebus | Foeder-Fermented Mixed Culture Sour Ale with Cherries | 6% | $12/500ml

Cherry Rebus! This foeder-fermented mixed fermentation golden sour with tart cherries is the latest addition to our rebus series. Concentrated aromas of dry cherries dominate the nose with very subtle baking spice notes of vanilla and cinnamon stick. The fruitiness is backed by a bright, funky, and rounded acidity that spreads out in the mouth. Topped off by a dry, slightly tannic finish.