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Hypnotic Suggestion, Depth of Field, & Passionfruit Rebus Release!

10.5.19 - 10.6.19

We’re releasing THREE new beers this Saturday, 10/05, starting at noon!

Hypnotic Suggestion | American Pale Ale | 5% | $17/4-pack

You are now getting very, very thirsty…Hypnotic Suggestion, our newest American Pale Ale, is here to tell you to drink up. This is everything we want out of a pale ale — big aromas with a refreshing crisp and mostly dry body. Amarillo and Huell Melon give us a nose of fresh honeydew, citrus soda, and muscat gummy candy. The hop character is more restrained in the flavor — the softer experience of a slightly underripe prickly pear.

Depth of Field | Dark Sour Ale with Raspberries, Tart Cherries, & Cranberries | 7% | $12/500ml

Depth of Field — our newest blended dark sour ale with cherries, cranberries, and raspberries — pairs perfectly with the changing season. An homage to the beloved Rodenbach Caractère Rouge, this Flanders inspired ale is rich and complex without tipping toward heavy. Toasty Vienna and Munich malts build a layered base that provides a sweet warmth that never feels cloying. Dark cherry leads on the nose with quieter notes of leather, tobacco, and oak. A balanced showing of the sweet & tart characteristics from each fruit is found in the flavor — a juicy burst reminiscent of real maraschino cherry, the refreshing pucker tartness and just-picked sweetness of raspberry, and the tangy punch from the cranberry.

Passionfruit Rebus | Foeder-fermented Sour Ale with Passionfruit | 5.7% | $12/500ml

Passionfruit Rebus, the newest edition to our foeder-fermented series, is exploding with big and pure passionfruit flavors. The intense acidity of the fruit is bright in aroma and taste, but maintains a tropical juiciness that tempers the characteristic tartness from being too sharp. Oak from the foeder and the addition of aged hops give depth and balance while still letting the fruit shine.