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Pineapple Rebus & Tracery Release!

9.14.19 - 9.15.19

We’re releasing two beers this Saturday, 9/14, starting at noon!

Pineapple Rebus | Foeder-fermented Sour Ale with Pineapple | 5.7% | $12/500ml bottle

A new Rebus joins the ranks! Pineapple Rebus, our latest foeder-fermented golden sour ale, is an elegant showing of big juice flavors. The tropical and tangy notes of the pineapple blend beautifully with our mixed culture and seem to bring out all bright fruit characteristics you can sometimes get from brettanomyces. Pure pineapple dominates the nose with a slight overripe funk and sour from the brett and lacto lending a compelling complexity. The addition of some aged hops to the blend complements the sweetness and acidity in the flavor by contributing a subtle, lingering bitterness.

Tracery | Saison de Coupage | 6% | $9/500ml bottle

Tracery, our Saison de Coupage, returns! Tracery is a traditional Belgian farmhouse style in which barrel-aged sour beer is blended with fresh saison. Our coupage is a blend of 70% young saison and 30% barrel-aged golden sour. A light and refreshing tartness from the barrel blend and a subtle display of Belgian yeast esters make this beer an approachable gateway beer for those looking to explore mixed culture and/or Belgian styles.

This previously bottle pour-only beer will now be available on draft and for take-home!