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Special Valentine’s Day Beer + Chocolate Release!

2.13.20 - 2.15.20

We’ve teamed up with our Brooklyn neighbors over at Fine & Raw for a special beer & chocolate pairing!

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, we’ve married two of our favorite things for your eating/drinking enjoyment. Starting at 5pm on Thursday, we will be releasing the ever-exquisite Purple Prose beside a Purple Prose-inspired chocolate bar duo from our friends at Fine & Raw.

The beer: Purple Prose, a foeder-fermented sour ale with raspberries and black currants, is a deep purple hued delight that marries the complexity of ripe, juicy berries with a bright, clean acidity. Huge raspberry and black currant flavors with layers of earthy funk support a long, tannic finish. $12 — 500/ml.

The chocolate: Purple Prose Pt. 1 (67% cacao + raspberry) and Purple Prose Pt. 2 (70% cacao + black currant) are both 100% organic, bean-to-bar, and made right here in BK. 2oz each with custom label art from our very own Gretta. The bars will only be sold as a duo! $14 — (2) 2/oz bars.

Bundle price: $24 — PP bottle + PP bars.