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Talk Talk & Super Present Release

5.11.19 - 5.12.19

We’re releasing two beers this Saturday, 5/11, at noon!

Talk Talk | Double IPA | 8% | $20/4-pack

Huge hop character and complexity was our goal for Talk Talk, so we created a blend of some of our oiliest, highest alpha hop varieties from the pacific northwest. This is crafted with intensity in mind, and the beer packs a juicy wallop. Our preliminary tasting produced notes of black plum, orange zest, strawberry almond cream, and peach.  Talk Talk was named in honor of the late Mark Hollis who said of his best work, “You have to give it all your attention. You should never listen to music as background music.  Ever.” If you give this IPA all of your attention you will also discover satisfying depths and layers. 8% ABV — $20/4-pack.

Super Present | Foeder-fermented Gose with Lychee and Ginger | 5% | $12/500ml

The bright flavors of lychee fruits and raw, juiced ginger root shine in Super Present, our new foeder-fermented mixed fermentation gose. Dry hopping with Motueka lends a delightful lime-candy note that rounds out the palate. We also notice hints of jasmine and honeydew. With a lightly puckering acidity and crisp mouthfeel, Super Present invites sip after sip. Delicate, balanced, and with a refreshing salinity, this quencher is creative and unusual without sacrificing elegance.