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A Pattern Language

Stout aged in neutral oak barrels with brettanomyces

Paying homage to English stock ales and vatted stouts of old that pre-date monoculture fermentation, A Pattern Language represents the interaction of roasted malts, wild yeasts, and time. Aged 9 months in neutral oak barrels and an additional year in the bottle to develop leathery wild brettanomyces (literally “british yeast”) and the barest hint of tartness, it pours a deep mahogany color with amber highlights. Expect notes of red fruit entangled with robust malt complexity, a touch of prickly carbonation, and a distant memory of tart cherry pie. Its flavor has been shaped by the yeast’s journey through each vessel. Now, A Pattern Language has ‘taken its place in the web of nature’, and may also take its place in your glass or cellar.

A Pattern Language is the sister to The Timeless Way of Building, an Abbey-Style Ale with brettanomyces also inspired by the ways of old.

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